Gift your Mom the joy of Glowing, Radiant skin at Kaya Skin Clinic!

Kaya understands that nothing makes you happier than seeing your mom glow! This Mother’s Day, pamper your mom at Kaya Skin Clinic, as we have on offer a range of products and services designed for this special occasion, which will leave her skin feeling fresh on this special day.

For the occasion, Kaya has other special offers on products which are in the range of Rs 1180 to Rs. 2330, as given below:

·        Check out the Forever Young Essentials- Basic package which includes the Daily Use Sunscreen & Revive and Firm. This combination of two products is available at a 20% discount at Rs 1180 (instead of Rs 1480

·        One can also opt for the Forever Young Essentials- Regular package, wherein if you buy a Soothing Cleansing Gel & a Revive and Firm, you get a Daily Use Sunscreen worth Rs. 680 complimentary. This combination of three products is available at Rs 1350 (instead of Rs 2030  )

·        The Forever Young Essentials includes a Soothing Cleansing Gel, Revitalizing Tonic & Revive and Firm – everything your mom needs to get that glow and feel younger than ever. Along with this package, you will get a complimentary Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen which is worth Rs 780. This combination of 4 products is available at Rs 1800 (instead of Rs 2580)

·        Gift your mom the Fairness System Package which includes the Fairness Cleanser, Fairness Day Cream and Fairness Night Cream. The Fairness System follows a holistic approach towards ensuring healthy skin and long term skin clarity. Along with the combination of these products, you cam treat her to a complimentary Everyday Radiance service which is worth Rs 2000. This combination of 3 products and the service is for Rs 2330 (instead of Rs 4330)

So this Mother’s Day, gift your Mom glowing and radiant designer skin at Kaya Skin Clinic.

This offer is available at all Kaya Clinics across the country until May 15, 2011.

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