Skin & Hair Tips for Holi!

Holi, the festival of colors and easily one of the most fun-filled and lively festivals is just around the corner. It's an occasion that brings in joy, music and dance, and, of course, lots of bright colors to everyone's home. There is no festival more vibrant, colorful and exhilarating than Holi. However, Holi brings with it the added risk of chemically synthesized colors which are extremely harmful to one's skin and hair. The need to ensure that extra care is taken to protect the skin and hair is very important so you can truly celebrate the occasion in radiant style.

Dr. Sangeeta Amladi- Head- Medical Services, Kaya Skin Clinic gives you a few tips to follow to ensure the glow on your face and sheen in your hair;

Skin care
Skin care is extremely crucial. The different colors used during Holi can lead to contact allergic dermatitis. One should apply a barrier cream or coconut oil on the skin prior to playing with these colors during Holi as this also helps protect the skin. However, if the colors irritate the skin, it should be immediately washed away with ample water and then a moisturizer or local soothing agent like calamine lotion should be applied. These colors make your skin dry hence adequate hydration by means of ample water intake and/or use of a moisturizer after cleansing is extremely important. The cleanser should be one for 'sensitive' skin. Applying oil over arms, legs, and especially elbows and knees can protect from dryness.

It goes without saying that one should be extremely careful that the colors do not go into the eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Nail care
·       Apply vaseline under and around your nails, feet, elbows and behind your ears -- all the areas that are usually neglected.

Eye care
·       If a water balloon hits you near or on the eyes, rinse immediately with water. Do the same if at any time the colour affects your eyes.
·       If irritation persists or in case of bleeding, cover with a clean cloth or cotton and visit a doctor as soon as possible. Rubbing or massaging the eye is an absolute no-no!

Hair care
Hair can turn brittle and extremely dry if color remains in it for a long time. This is due to the harmful chemicals present in the colours that we enjoy throwing and squirting on each other so much; it is therefore advisable to oil your hair the night before. A gentle shampoo containing sodium laureth sulphate to cleanse followed by a protective conditioner can restore your hair to its healthy state. It is recommended to also wear a cap or a dupatta to further protect your hair.


To make this Holi even more safe and special, Kaya has a special “Holi Skin Essentials” product offering  which includes our Sensitive range of products and Nourishing Shampoo at an exclusive 'Holi' special price of Rs 1350 (as against Rs 1600) which includes:

ï     Sensitive Cleanser
ï     Sensitive Sunscreen
ï     Nourishing Shampoo

To make your Holi truly colorful:

· Most dry colours are safe, but avoid glittery ones. They contain silica particles that can abrade your skin.

· Avoid metallic colours, like gold and silver.

· Use water-soluble colours and stay away from "permanent" colours because they contain cheap dyes that cause reactions.

 · Make your own natural colors.

We hope these tips will help you have a great Holi!


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