At a price of Rs 990 only, this one promises a fresh glow that’s easy
on time and wallet

Think you’re the only one tired out by your hectic schedule as you move from college to café, office to gym? Take a good look at your skin. It’s tired too.

But where’s the time to give it the regular pampering it craves?

Presenting to you Kaya’s quickie service Skin Purify, an express clean-up ritual that maximizes your time and your wallet. A relaxing facial cleansing, a thorough extraction of skin irritants and a soothing mask all in 30 minutes and in under a thousand bucks. This ritual has been especially designed to give your skin the luxury of time for the pampering it needs.



What’s your Skin type? Normal to Dry? Or Oily? We have one that suits every skin type!

Skin Purify Insta-Hydrate for Normal to Dry Skin
·        Facial Prep
·        Quick Scrub
·        Adieu Blackheads
·        Facial Mask
·        Wind-Down

Skin Purify Insta-Matt for Normal to Oily Skin
·        Facial Prep
·        Jet Set
·        Adieu Blackheads
·        Facial Mask
·        Wind-Down

Happy skin. Free of pollutant build-ups, your pores will breathe easy once more. Expect visibly rejuvenated skin, smooth and clean. After all, why shouldn’t your skin enjoy your full life as much as you do?

Unsure which Skin Purify is best for you? No need to worry, for our ritualist will examine your skin and guide you to the correct choice.
While a minimum gap of 15 days between two appointments is a must, we at Kaya recommend the ritual be carried out regularly once a month.
The ritual should ideally be conducted 1-2 days before a social engagement, thus giving the skin time to rest.
A special note to our male clients –  a fresh shave is necessary in order to reap the maximum benefits from this ritual. Kaya recommends a 4-6 hour gap between your shave and your appointment.


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