Taking Care of Your Hair This Monsoon

                  Taking Care of Your Hair This Monsoon

Expert tips by Dr. Sangeeta Amladi, Head Medical Services, Kaya Skin Clinic

Hair Care

·       Good and effective cleansing using a volumising shampoo twice or thrice a week is highly recommended as  hair tends to go limp in this season
·      Conditioning your hair becomes twice as important during this season. Don't shun it if you have sticky hair, instead opt for a light conditioner that is suited for limp, oily hair
·        Keep the scalp dry to avoid  scalp conditions like fungal and bacterial infections, which are more prevalent during the monsoon
·        If you need to blow dry your hair, apply a leave-on conditioner prior to it
·        Go easy on styling during this season. Excessive use of hair gels and sprays will only cause further damage
·       Take time off from your busy schedule and book yourself a hair spa therapy appointment
·     Oiling once a week would help but make sure you wash your hair well as residue oil can attract dust and grime, which along with sweat, can cause dandruff and even scalp infections
·       Keep your hair trimmed and short during the season
·       Food for hair – milk and milk products, nuts, soya products

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Anonymous said...

Wash hair regularly with lukewarm to cold water to keep the scalp clean and healthy - but avoid washing hair too frequently.

hair fall

pavitra pai said...

These many days I was not using conditioner after going through this article I came to know that using conditioner is very important to protect our hairs in monsoon.

sanjay said...

nice blog
thanks for sharing information.
Hair Care TreatmentsThe health of your hair and scalp can speak volumes about your internal balance. Factors like genetics, excessive use of chemicals, illness, weather changes and poor circulation are the major causes behind issues like hair fall, dandruff and damaged hair.

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