Do’s and don’ts to take care of skin in winters.

·         Use soap – free moisturizing cleansers for face as well as body
·         Can add emollient oil to bath water (1-2 drops per bucket of water)
·         Apply moisturizer immediately after patting dry
·         Use a moisturizing sunscreen on exposed body parts, 20 minutes before stepping out in the Sun
·         Use a moisturizer twice or thrice a day
·         Use a night cream (long acting moisturizer) on face and body before sleeping
·         For oily skin, use light moisturizer, those specifically suited for oily skin
·         For hair, use mild moisturizing shampoo and condition hair every time after shampoo
·         Trim the split ends
·         For frizzy hair, use leave-on conditioner

·         Harsh soaps, scrubs and loofas
·         Toners and astringent
·         Long hours in AC
·         Frequent shampooing

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