Your December Party Survival Guide!

With the festive season in full swing, the parties have begun and everyone wants to look their best. But a few late nights, over-exertion, use of cosmetics and makeup, consumption of unhealthy food and drinks can take a toll on our health and looks.

 If you are looking for a wonderful and easy way to keep yourself sparkled till the end of the season, here are a few tips to follow by Dr. Sangeeta Amladi - Head Medical Services at Kaya Skin Clinic.

  1. Hydrate your skin from within by drinking an adequate quantity of water.
  2. Before applying all your makeup, make sure your skin is clean and exfoliated. Use a good, gentle exfoliator and rub onto face in slow, circular motions. The circular motions will ensure good blood circulation and the exfoliating will remove dead skin cells, revealing a bright, new complexion. After you’ve exfoliated both face and body, moisturize from head to toe.
  3. Moisturizer is the key to soft, supple skin. For best results,  use a Moisturizing Cream  that minimizes water loss thus serving the purpose
  4. For instant brightening, go for a Vitamin C facial, or else try an instant hydrating mask.
  5. Even in the winter season, do not forget to apply sunscreen daily and when exposed to the sun, sunglasses are a must!
  6. During the party season, you tend to get puffy eyes. Splashing cold water in the eyes and the use of eye pads with cucumber, potato and green tea bags will help reduce puffiness.
  7. For the lips, use a balm that offers moisturizing and sun protection.
  8. For your skin, plan in advance and undergo services like skin polishing or hair reduction.
  9. At Kaya Skin Clinic, there are various services like fillers and BOTOX that can help enhance your features.
  10. Eating before partying is a must to minimize effects of alcohol.
  11. Skin needs to be conditioned from the inside as well as out. Choose foods and supplements enriched in vitamins which help vitalize your skin.
  12. Eat foods that are rich in anti-oxidants like fruits, vegetables that help kick-start your immune system.
  13. Remove makeup to maintain healthy skin. Use a skin cleanser to gently remove dirt, excess oil and makeup
  14. Soak a towel in ice cold water and press it to your face; this constricts blood vessels and there’s less fluid accumulation.
  15. Catch-up on some shut-eye. Sleep boosts the immune system and is the time your skin gets to regenerate
  16. For your hair, make sure to use a mild shampoo and a good conditioner
  17. Avoid hot dryers and in case you use hairsprays, glitter and other hair products make sure to wash off all the chemicals from your hair completely

    Quick fixes (Recommended)
    1. At Kaya Skin Clinic, we have a range of services like the Aqua Radiance and the Kaya Express Glow, for that instant party glow!
    2. To get rid of tired eyes, opt for a dual eye mask.
    3. Go for an age-miracle mask to fight dry skin and in case of pimples, apply benozyl peroxide ointment.



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