Get Rid of That Nasty Hangover! By Dr. Sangeeta Amladi, Kaya Skin Clinic

Well, it's the morning after. Drinking so much suddenly doesn't seem like such a wise decision anymore, does it? Yes, you had a great time at that party, but did your skin and body?!
All's not lost, though! Here are some great tips on how to get rid of that hangover, and reduce those signs of it on your skin! Kaya always has a way to help you out with every situation!


Hydrate yourself: Because of alcohol you lose a lot of water from your body after drinking the previous night. A sports drink is a better option to reduce hangover as it contains electrolytes which re-hydrate your body quicker than having gallons of water. Once the toxins are released through urine, you will feel relaxed. The earlier you maintain fluid balance in your body, the faster you will feel better.

Sweat it out: If you are in a condition to go out, go for a run or a walk. Exercising will increase circulation and takes out those toxins out of your body.

Intake of Vitamin C: It initiates the breakdown of the intoxication of alcohol, and fresh lemon extract with lukewarm water works as a good purgative

Honey & Water: Intake of honey with lukewarm water helps to minimize hangover effect due to activity of fructose over alcohol in stomach. Intake of Vitamin B12reduces the effect of hangover as it works actively to reduce the duration of the hangover effect, so finally before going to bed consumption of Vitamin B12 capsule will help to forgo the irritation of hangover in the next morning.

Vitamin B6: You can have large doses of Vitamin B6, which is effective to reduce hangover. Simple utilization of foods and water can make the duration of hangover shorter. You can take- an egg (contains cytosine), bananas (contain potassium and fructose), milk (contains calcium) and especially orange juice, which contains vitamin C. In this way, you can easily fight against the symptoms of hangover.

Skin Care for Men

  • Splash cold water on face- Cold water helps your skin to tighten, reducing the puffy look.
  • Eye pads soaked in cold milk / cucumber water helps reduce puffiness of the eyes. Also sleep with pillow elevated (high head position)
  • Don't forget to moisturize your skin prior to shaving – Dehydration can lead to irritation so ensure your splash plenty of water onto your face prior to shaving.
  • Use moisturizing shower gel for showering and washing your hair. Avoid very hot water as it can further dehydrate skin.

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