NOT ON SALE: Beautiful Compliments and Tons of Confidence. ON SALE: Expert Beauty Solutions up to 50% off at Kaya Skin Clinic

Mumbai, August 1, 2011: Have you ever wished that never-ending compliments, admiring looks and tons of confidence could be on sale? You can now avail of these priceless beauty benefits through Kaya Skin Clinic’s expert beauty solutions at a never-before discount of up to 50%, through the month of August!

Details on the Offer:

Not on Sale: A long-lasting glow on your face and admiring looks from your colleagues!

On Sale at Kaya: Everyday Radiance and Aqua Radiance at up to 50% off

For glowing and radiant skin, visit your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic and experience some great skin beauty services like the popular Everyday Radiance and the unique Aqua Radiance service which are originally priced at Rs 1600 for Rs 990 only. If you want to save more, you could avail of a 6 session package for Rs 5000 only which is a discount of 51% off! 

Not on Sale: Tons of confidence and Envious looks from your neighbors!

On Sale at Kaya: Skin Beauty Services and Skin Concern services at a discount of up to 30% off

At Kaya, we have a host of services that help you regain and protect the intrinsic beauty of your skin. You could choose from our range of peels, meso-therapy and microdermabrasion services at up to 30% off in the month of August. If you are prone to developing skin care concerns like pimples, acne, dark patches or pigmentation, you could go in for our range of skin solutions at up to 30% off as well.

Not on Sale: A tension-free, carefree state of mind!
On Sale: Hair free services at up to 50% off

Does unwanted hair often change your mind about wearing that sleeveless dress? If you are looking for freedom from unwanted hair, you could avail of laser hair reduction services at up to 50% off at Kaya this August! 

Not on Sale: Reversing years off your age and getting that youthful radiance!

On Sale:  Anti-Ageing Services at up to 20% off, Products at 20% off

If you are looking for a solution for wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, you can get up to 20% off on our anti-ageing services. After all, you can’t let wrinkles get in the way of those compliments. Last but not the least, if you spend more than Rs. 1500 on your favorite Kaya products, you will get 20% off on your purchase.

At Kaya Skin Clinic, we don’t just offer long lasting beauty solutions; but we also give you a world of benefits by making you look good and feel great about yourself! So step into Kaya Skin Clinic this August, as beauty solutions are now on sale for an irresistible you!

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Surendra Kumar said...

Hi! I am surendra when I was suffering with skins problem then I heard about clinic in Delhi. I go there and got this clinic provide best treatment in Skin Specialist in Delhi .This clinic provided best treatment us.This clinic is very best for all skin problem.
If you want to more detail contact on +91-9958483335.

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