Skin Sins you might be committing

Make Sure You Wash Your Hair Thoroughly After A Hair Wash: If you have sensitive skin, this can be a real no-no!. Pores get clogged, leading to breakouts, especially along the hairline. Make sure you thoroughly cleanse away any residue from your face after rinsing your hair.

Wearing Too Much Moisturizer: You may be extra-vigilant about keeping skin supple, but too much of a good thing can have a reverse effect. Excess cream won’t absorb deeply enough into cellular tissue, so skin won’t be able to breathe and pores will clog. Sometimes this can even manifest in dryness.

Drinking Through a Straw: Constant puckering can bring on premature wrinkles. Repeated facial expressions, such as pursing your lips, cause fine lines around your mouth to form over time. The solution: Lose the straw and drink directly from the glass, bottle or can

Wearing a Too-Tight Ponytail: The tighter the ponytail, the more prone the hair will be to falling out. Pulling every hair into a taut tuft causes traction alopecia, a form of hair loss that leads to a receding hairline. The good news is the recession isn’t likely to be permanent.

Sleeping in Your Makeup: When you forget to wash your face, your skin has the chance to marinate in a day’s worth of debris and oil overnight. The skin is unable to breathe, regenerate tissue, exfoliate dead surface cells and heal itself.

Cleansing With Water That's Too Hot: A temperature that’s scorching causes broken capillaries on the face. The capillary walls are very thin and elastic, so they are reactive to temperature. To keep skin balanced, always cleanse with lukewarm or tepid water.

Rubbing Your Eyes: The area around your eyes is the thinnest, most sensitive area of the face. It needs to be handled with kid gloves. The more you rub it, the more it will stretch. Repeated rubbing or pulling on the lids, especially when putting in contact lenses, can cause skin to slacken and fine lines to form.


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